50th Anniversary


Club Charter 1968


The Gloucester Lions Club received its Charter in 1968,  The sponsoring Club was the Metcalfe and District Lions. The Charter President was Fred G. Barrett.




Charter members were:

Fred G. Barrett              William Augey               Bill Bonsall,                   Emile Brousseau,

Roy Depper                   Eldon Dunning              Ed Gravell                     Oliver Hibbard,

Rick Hughs                    Kenneth Johnston         Fred Johnston               Robert Kemp

Rene Lepage                  Eldon Lough                  Freaser MacDonald     Russell McAllister

Bev Meldrum                  Fred Meldrum                Irv Taylor                      Paul Turgeon

George Urquhart            Cecil Cameron               Allen LeBreton             Glen (Bud) Tanner

Robert Scharge              Frank Cousineau

For many years the Club made its home in the banquet hall at the Fred G. Barrett Arena at Leitrim, which has been renamed the “Gloucester Lions Hall”.  The Gloucester Lions had equipped and operated the canteen for many years, and held fundraising dances and bingos there.


Leo Club 

A “Leo Club” was formed and for a few years served our youth volunteers and community very well.


Governor of District A-4

Until present,  three members of the Gloucester Lions Club have served as District Governor.

1978  Bev Meldrum,  —  1983 Lloyd Craig —  2000 Dave Haines


International Life Membership Awards

Over the years the following members received International Life Membership Awards
Roy Depper, Eldon Dunning, Bob Kemp and Bud Tanner.


New Club Sponsorships

New Clubs that have been sponsored by Gloucester Lions were:
Blackburn (closed), Nepean, Manotick and North Gloucester.




Gloucester Lions Club50th Anniversary

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